FERESHTEH PASARGAD HOTEL Co. was established in 2010. Since then, it has gone out of its way and made every attempt within its power to breathe life into facilities and organizations whose primary objective is to enhance a unique class of tourism industry by building and equipping hotels, hotel apartments, tourist villages, recreational centers, and holiday resorts.

Pasargad Tours can be looked upon as the most significant shareholder of this organization, which is the most successful importer of tourists to our country. This company was established in 1989 and is honored to have been granted several awards and prizes both inside the country and by international organizations.


Undoubtedly, the most important feature of Fereshteh Pasargad Hotel Project is the conceptual design by Zaha Hadid. At the moment, Zaha Hadid is one of the most celebrated architects in the world, with 950 projects in 44 countries, along with a long list of awards, and as the only woman winning the Pritzker Architecture Prize, she is an acclaimed architect worldwide.

The Zaha Hadid designing style is quite exclusive, covering a wide range of architectural designs, furniture, bags, shoes & jewelries. The design of Fereshteh Pasargad Hotel is very different from those seen in Iran so far; it can be considered a pioneer and a turning point in Tehran’s architecture once it takes shape.

As reported by Zaha Hadid herself, the main idea on which the exterior architecture of the building rests is as follows:

The building grows from the inside to the outside like a triple butterfly unfolding its beauty by spreading out its wings and covering 360 ° of views ; organic forms such as tree branches and ice facing have been the source of inspiration for the columns of the facade.


Fereshteh Pasargad Hotel is located in the north of Tehran in the Elahieh neighborhood, facing the west side of Russian embassy’s garden. In this project, we happen to have a wide expanse of unbuilt area in the Russian embassy’s garden that leaves the project’s eastern view uncluttered, wide and scenic. Similarly, this provides the onlooker in the eastern part of the city with a wide and open view onto the project.
The major city access points to and around the project site are Sadr and Moddares Highways and Shariati Street, the secondary access points are Africa, Fereshteh and Elahieh streets. One can also reach the project from the east by Mahdieh Street, from the north by Maryam Street, and from the west by Golpad Street.